Residence Life encompasses the operation of 15 residence halls on campus. We focus on creating safe communities centered on connections, diversity and social justice, student leadership, learning, and professional development.

Our mission statement: To create safe and inclusive learning communities that support, challenge, and inspire all students to be ethical leaders and citizens in a diverse society.

Residence Life Guiding Principles

Colorado State University Office of Residence Life demonstrates excellence by being innovative leaders in Residence Life through commitment to professional and personal development and evaluation and assessment of staff, students, services and policies. Along with quality customer service we utilize the following principles to guide our actions and decisions as a department:

Collaboration & Relationships (Teamwork)
We foster mutual interests and needs by sustaining authentic, reliable and supportive relationships.

Diversity & Social Justice 
We create a nurturing educational setting where we acknowledge, appreciate and accept diverse identities and experiences of all individuals.

We make ethical and responsible decisions to benefit our students, staff, and community stakeholders.

We take pride and responsibility for both individual and collective successes and challenges.

We provide opportunities for students and staff to develop, enhance, and apply skills to become productive and dynamic community members.

Initiative & Innovation
We develop and implement forward thinking and progressive programs and services to serve as a benchmark for quality Residence Life work.

Residence Life Pillars

Diversity & Social Justice
Leadership Development
Professional Development

We are a dynamic team of 50 full-time employees and over 300 student employees:

* 8 Central Staff members, including the Director, 6 Assistant Directors, and a Communications Coordinator

* 6 Coordinators

* 12 Residence Directors

* 15 Assistant Residence Directors (graduate students)

* 1 Residence Education/Student Leadership Graduate Assistant

* 1 Student Leadership and Engagement Graduate Assistant

* 1 Training and Selection Graduate Assistant

* 187 Resident Assistants (undergraduate students)

* 12 Community Desk Managers (undergraduate students)

* 13 Inclusive Community Assistants

* 200+ Community Desk Staff Members (undergraduate students)



We house 15 Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) throughout our Residence Halls. Our RLCs are co-sponsored programs with Residence Life and faculty or academic partners. Many RLCs include a course component that  participating students take as a common experience.

Residential Learning Communities

• Engineering Community – AV-Engineering, AV-Aspen, and Edwards Hall

• Equine Community – Edwards Hall

• Global Village – Parmelee Hall

• Health and Exercise Science Community –Corbett Hall

• Honors Community – AV-Honors, AV-Aspen, and Edwards Hall

• College of Natural Sciences Learning Community - Laurel Village 

• Key Academic Community – Braiden Hall

• Key Explore Community – Braiden Hall

• Key Health Professions Community – Braiden Hall

• Key Plus Community & LEADS – Braiden Hall

• Key Service Community – Braiden Hall

• Leadership Development Community – Durward Hall

• College of Natural Resources and Sustainability Community – Summit Hall

• Living Substance Free Community – Summit and Westfall Halls

• Arts and Creative Expression Community – Parmelee Hall